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Billing Policies
The following describes the billing and payment policies at Silver Spring Pediatrics:

1. Co-payments are due at the time of service. Co-pays are required based on insurance contracts and cannot be waived as SSP would be in violation of our business contracts with those insurance companies.

2. Similarly, if you have an insurance plan with a deductible, those costs will be assessed and billed to you as required of us by your insurance contract.

3. We accept cash, personal checks, and credit card payments, including FSA and HSA.

4. Surcharges will be assessed for returned checks.

5. When we bill using a credit card, please know that we use a safe, secure link through Instamed. We do not store your credit card information in our office. 

6. Please bring your insurance card to every office visit.

7. Certain services are not covered by insurance and are charged the following fees:
    (a) Missed sick appointments (if you do not call the office to notify us): $25
    (b) Missed well visit (if not canceled the day before the schedule
         appointment): $25
    (c) Missed consultation (e.g. mental health or behavior; if not canceled the
         day before the appointment): $25
    (d) Returned check: $30
    (e) Health forms: $25 annual fee per patient covers all forms required in that
         year (maximum fee per family is $50). Alternatively, if you think you will
         only have one form in a given year, you can pay $10 for that one form
         only; however, if you then need more forms in the same year, you can pay
         an additional $10 per form up to the $25 per patient annual fee.
    (f) Transfer of records: no fee for first transfer to a new doctor or to parent
        when moving out of area; $25 for records for home reference, social or
        legal issues.
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