Not every fever will require an office visit. Use the information provided here, your judgement, and our advice (phone call) to decide.

* We are not yet routinely conducting COVID-19 testing in our office. We have ordered testing kits but have not yet received them.

* We are decreasing our well visit and consultation visit availability in order to minimize patient exposure risk and allocate adequate sick time to those in need.

* We have increased the separation between well and sick visits; well in morning, sick in afternoon (with the exception of severely ill patients who cannot wait until the afternoon to be seen).

* We are increasing the level of triage before scheduling an appointment; please try to review the information on the website about needing appointments before calling.

* We want to make appointments available to those most in need.

* We want to decrease your child’s exposure to people who may be infected.

* Testing does increase awareness and helps large scale planning. 

Testing does not change the medical management for most of the pediatric population. We realize test results can affect the required isolation time (shorter with a known negative test).

1. Remain calm and informed. Your child will mirror your response to the pandemic.

2. Call our office with questions or concerns. We are available and want to help you navigate this stressful time.

3. Recognize that the situation is evolving rapidly. New plans will be put in place to protect people, limiting the spread of coronavirus (“flattening the curve”).

4. The number of cases in the US is likely to increase dramatically as testing becomes more readily available. 

5. Testing is very difficult to obtain at this time and is being reserved for the sicker patients.

6. Children and otherwise healthy younger and middle aged adults are less severely affected than people over the age of 60 or those with underlying medical conditions. 

7. By carefully and consistently following precautions on social distancing you can help decrease the spread of coronavirus and protect yourself and your loved ones.

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