• BrainPOP: animated videos on a variety of interesting but academic topics, such as the Wright Brothers, the Constitution, camoflage, and Frida Kahlo
  • FLEX ACADEMIES ONE: for online, live, interactive enrichment in many areas, including science, music, physical activity, chess, cooking, Spanish, and so much more. This is a Washington D.C., based business.
  • Broadway HD: for musical theater lovers, there's a monthly fee after a 7-day trial. For free shows, check out Andrew Lloyd Webber's YouTube channel called The Shows Must Go On, with a new show every Friday available for 48 hours. Keep children loving musical theater.
  • Duolingo: start learning a new language (free downloadable app)
  • Scratch: a website for learning coding
  • Check back regularly for updates; we'll add more resources.

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