What to know & where to get more information

SSP's comprehensive handout: coming soon

SSP's handout on all issues related to isolation: coming soon

The CDC on "What to do if you are sick":

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) webpage:

From the CDC, to help parents talk to children about coronavirus:

The World Health Organization (WHO) webpage:

(also check WHO's situation reports, published daily. They are numbered and listed by date of publication.)

Maryland Department of Health webpage:
Listed here are number of cases tested, pending and results for Maryland. Also useful is the Frequently Asked Questions link on this webpage.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

Blog of Dr. Nancy Shipley (orthopedist in Portland, OR):
(this is a concise, comprehensive explanation of COVID-19 in terms of it's severity, spread and what measures we must take now)

Please call us with any questions at (301) 625-2800
Silver Spring Pediatrics
Drs. DeConcini, Schooler, Zang, Wang, Yee & Marcus
Our office is continually monitoring national and local resources for information about Coronavirus. We will update our office procedures and protocols as the local situation necessitates. Regardless of the status of coronavirus in Maryland, encourage your children to wash their hands often and adequately and cough and sneeze into their elbows. Please call us with any questions.