Please register in advance for any of our weekend flu clinics. If you prefer a nursing visit appointment during regular office hours, please also call to schedule those (as normal)

Note: weekend flu clinics are for established patients in our practice only. You must have been seen in our office at least once before to come to these clinics. New patients will be scheduled for appointments during weekday office hours for a flu vaccine.

Clinics will be held weather permitting. Check our home page the day of the clinic to see if the clinic is being held in the case of inclement weather. If it's light rain, we will plan to have the clinic.

Included below are several important links to review before your child(ren)'s appointment:

Prior to your appointment, you must read the Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) on the Influenza vaccine. Click here to read. You can print at home if you wish. Click here for for VIS in Spanish. Click here for VIS in Chinese. Please contact us if you require translation to another language.

You must complete a COVID symptom screening questionnaire before arrival. Please print and complete the form to bring with you to the clinic. It will be scanned into your child's chart. If the information is the same for multiple children in the same family, only one form is needed.

These are the instructions describing how the clinic will operate. Please read them before arrival to ensure efficiency and safety for everyone.

Everyone (over the age of 2 years) must wear a mask for the entire time you are in the parking lot, even between stations please. 

Please be sure legs (ages 3 and under) and arms (ages 4 and up) are already accessible upon arrival to make the process go quickly and efficiently.

​Our nurses will not be climbing into third rows of cars. Please have your child(ren) who needs a flu vaccine within reach of the nurse from the car; if that is not possible, plan to get that child out of the car for the vaccine.

Call us at (301) 625-2800
Please call us with any questions
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Flu Clinics:
Information on how to get a vaccine at one of our clinics to protect your child 
Flu Clinics:
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