1. Due to the pandemic, flu clinics are by appointment only.

2. Call the office in advance of the clinic to schedule your time. When scheduling, your insurance information will be verified; please provide the most up to date information.

3. Before you leave home, please ensure that children 3 years and under have a leg accessible (wear shorts or onesies) and children ages 4 years and older have short-sleeves or tank tops to ensure the upper arm is readily accessible.

4. Please arrive at your appointed time to avoid back ups in the parking lot that could affect road traffic. 

5. Every person in the car must wear a mask the entire time from pulling into the parking lot until you have left the parking lot. (children under the age of two excluded)

6. There will be three stations: check in, seeing a doctor for the order, and finally, the nurse for the vaccine.

7. Please put your car in park at each station, for safety.

8. At the first station, your child's temperature will be checked and the COVID-19 symptom questionnaire will be collected. Print and complete the questionnaire before arrival to allow the line of cars to move efficiently.

9. At the second station, the doctor will confirm medical information and write the order for your child's vaccine.

10. At the third station, the nurse will administer the vaccine. Nurses will not reach into any third rows. Please have your child in the middle row so the nurse can easily reach them or plan to remove your child from the car.

11. We will have a designated area for patients to wait after the vaccine for any of the following reason: a teenager drives oneself to get the shot, your child has had a reaction to the vaccine in the past or your child is extremely upset after the shot and you want to wait for them to recover.

Call us at (301) 625-2800
Please call us with any questions
Drive-up Flu Clinics Instructions