Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease

Hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) is an infection caused by the Coxsackie virus.  It usually begins with a mild fever, followed by painful mouth sores and small blisters on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. 

This infection affects young children primarily, but can affect adolescents and occasionally adults.  The outbreaks occur most often in the summer and early fall.  HFMD is moderately contagious; it is spread by direct contact with bodily fluids.

HFMD is usually a mild illness which resolves in 7 to 10 days.  There is no specific treatment for the infection other than symptomatic measures including relieving pain and fever.  Tylenol or Motrin should be used.  Aspirin is not to be used in children who have a viral illness.  

You should call us if your child refuses to drink fluids because of pain  in the mouth or throat.  Signs of dehydration include dry mucus membranes, decreased or dark urine, and lethargy.
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