Effective March 23, 2020, Silver Spring Pediatrics will begin scheduling telemedicine visits. Spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, these visits are an opportunity to speak face-to-face (virtually) with your doctor about ongoing issues while maintaining our commitment to social distancing. The appointment requires internet access and is reached by a web link.

Visits will be just like consultations in our office. We can continue to care for your child by discussing issues such as ADHD, constipation, headaches, developmental concerns, asthma and allergies, among other issues. The visit is billed to your insurance, co-pays will be collected (if required by your insurance). It is our understanding that insurance coverage will be similar to consultations done in the office.

Based on coronavirus management guidelines for mildly symptomatic patients to be managed at home, we anticipate scheduling some acute visits, if appropriate, as telemedicine visits. However, if in the course of the virtual visit, the physician deems it necessary for your child to come into the office for a physical exam, we will transition that appointment to an in-office visit. You will not be billed twice.

Below are the links to each of our physicians' virtual offices. Just before your appointment, you will register with the front desk and be directed to this webpage and these links. Click your doctor's link to enter the virtual waiting room.The doctor will be notified when you are in the "waiting room" and will join you shortly for the appointment.

While we entered the world of telemedicine quickly, we are being thoughtful about its use. To learn more about our thinking regarding this, please read this letter.

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