The following information should be considered general guidelines. Each child and each family has individual needs. We are available to help you in choosing what is best for your child. Please call to schedule a telemedicine consultation to review your child's needs and your options.

These are three useful articles on weighing the risks and choosing what activities you may want to do:
Rating the Risk of 14 Summer Activities
How Health Experts Deal with Risk in Their Everyday Lives
"What's More Risky, Going to a Bar or Opening the Mail?"

Read this for information from CDC regarding camps.

Read this from the Maryland FAQs on child care setting (This will give you an idea of safe preventive practices and measures to take in case of infection to guide you camp choices.)

Please read the following on the American Academy of Pediatrics' website (

Return to School During COVID-19

Is it safe to send my child to child care during COVID-19?

Can my child start playing sports again?

Reminders from the AAP on basic COVID-19 information and caring for your family

Co-parenting during COVID-19

The following links offer travel advice:
Travel within the United States
Travel abroad: this one is more clearcut; at this time the CDC advises against non-essential international travel.
​* 5/27/2020 Episode of PBS News Hour discussing safe travel. Note: not medical but may speak to some questions you have.

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Is It Safe? Camps, Childcare and Back to School
The links listed below are all safe, sound resources to consider as you weigh this decision. In reality, there is no zero-risk-exposure scenario as we start to venture out in the community right now. Each family must consider what degree of risk feels acceptable to you. We do not yet know enough about how COVID-19 affects children. We believe many children, though not all, are mildly affected or asymptomatic carriers. But we do not know which children will be affected, possibly severely, nor who will be at risk for the uncommon, but severe MIS-C complication of which you've heard. You also must take into account who in your home would be impacted if your child contacted COVID-19--are their grandparents living with or helping you with childcare? What would you do if you (or another) parent in your home became infected? There's no set formula to make this difficult decision. Even in light of the risk, the benefits of camp to the social and emotional health of your child may make it worthwhile. Look for camps with lots of (if not almost all) time spent outdoors. Teach your child the importance of a face mask except when eating, even though it's going to feel hot playing outside. Continue to emphasize hand washing (or hand sanitizer) and avoiding touching their faces. State and local recommendations for safety guidelines to open exist. Read them. If you don't feel that makes you comfortable with your child being in camp, then you will likely want to keep them home. Again, we are here to help. Call us to schedule a telemedicine appointment. We want to help you feel like you're making the best decision in difficult times.
Image from article on 7/3/2020