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Let's Catch Up!

Hi SSP Families,

It is such a pleasure to be able to reach out to you all with some good news after so many months of "News" topics focused on illness. Today we are writing to say "We miss you" and "Come see us".

Your doctors at SSP want to see your child(ren) for their annual wellness and prevention visit.

If your child's preventive "annual checkup" is approaching or overdue, please call to schedule their visit now. Every year we experience a late Spring to early Summer rush to get physicals, summer camp forms, and school forms completed.

Don't wait or you could miss important deadlines.

Call us at 301-625-2800


MORE HELPFUL INFO: Scheduling with your child's primary care physician is best for any well visit and/or chronic concerns visit. And yet, All of the doctors in our practice are well-trained and ready to support all of our families. If your primary pediatrician is unavailable, seeing the next available doctor is very reasonable for children without complicated concerns.


To get the best use of your time and a thorough evaluation...

Please, Please, Please do not save up all your concerns for the annual preventive well-child visit (aka annual physical).

We have patients say this all the time and it is not as efficient as you might think.

Here are the reasons:

1) The preventive well-child care visit is jammed packed at every age with screening and guidance/information.

2) It could mean rushing through concerns that deserve more thought and consideration.

3) It typically means that we will consistently run behind for all of our patients behind you (and for you the next time someone before you goes beyond their allotted time)

4) You are not saving money by rolling them into one!

Your insurance will see this as TWO visits, and you will be responsible for the visit portion "outside the scope of preventive care". Most insurance companies have agreed to pay and not charge a co-pay for preventive care. For concerns beyond this scope, the insurance card holder (you), your pediatrician (SSP), and your insurance company have an agreement that states that you/the patient will share cost responsibility. Thus, you could have a co-pay.

Please come in more than once a year if your child has behavior or developmental concerns, asthma, ADHD, anxiety, feeding challenges, chronic abdominal pain, migraines, or other concerns.

You know us; we pride ourselves on comprehensive, family-focused care. Let us do our best work by ensuring we have appropriate time for you and your child.

Alas, the patient portal plug (wink wink)

Please sign up for the portal. Trust me, it is worth the 3 minutes it takes to create the HIPAA compliant account.


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