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New RSV "Vaccine" Information

First Answers First

- We expect to have a limited amount of RSV vaccine. We are prioritizing children 4 months and under for now.

- The American Academy of Pediatrics and your doctors at SSP are recommending all children under 8 months get the monoclonal antibody against RSV called Nirsevimab/Beyfortus.

- It might be covered by your insurance company. Please call your insurance company or go online to their site to find out. We will provide updates here as we learn more.

Quick Facts

  • This long-acting monoclonal antibody product intended for use in newborns and infants to protect against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease. - this means that it decreases the risk of these infants getting RSV that requires medical attention or "moderate to severe disease".

  • One dose is given per season.

  • Only to newborns to < 8 months old entering or during RSV season.

  • AND Children aged 8 - 19 months WITH HIGH RISK CONDITIONS.

  • It provides protection for approximately 5 months in this age group.

  • It can be provided at the same time as other age-appropriate vaccines.

  • Most common adverse reactions were rash (0.9%) and injection site reactions (0.3%).

We have requested the monoclonal antibody directly from the manufacturer and have not gotten a delivery date as of yet.

Many insurances have not detailed their coverage of this monoclonal antibody (not technically a vaccine). Please check with your insurance company for more information.

So far, BCBS/Carefirst, Cigna, and United Health Care are 3 regional insurance companies that intend to provide coverage.

We will update this page regularly.

Here is the link for the immunization information sheet

Please click on the link below for more information


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