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The following are available patient resources and forms.

Are you in need of support?  Do you have unmet needs?  Your pediatricians want to know.
Please use this website to find local resources for food, housing, utilities, and other services


Access patient information, send non-urgent messages, and share documents.

Download Forms
You can use your portal access to upload these forms once completed or fax/mail the forms to our office.  Please expect completion of forms within 5-7 business days.

ADHD Medication Request

We are pleased to announce that we have made requesting refills for ADHD medication much more convenient.  

We no longer require printing of forms or in-person pickup.  To provide safe and effective care we require all our families take the following steps:

1. To provide the best care to your child we require that they have an office visit at least 2 times a year (WCC plus ADHD focused visit), approx 6 months apart.

2.  You must have an active portal account.  If you require assistance please call our office.  This allows for confidential communication.

3.  You will request a medication refill through the portal every month.  We can provide a 90-day prescription if your child is on a stable dose AND your insurance allows this (please confirm with your insurance company - they may require a specific pharmacy or mail order).

4.  When you request a refill through the portal, please indicate the medication name and dose, the pharmacy, and your next scheduled appointment.

5. Please request refills 5 business days in advance.

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